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Your $$$ vs MSRP?

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Nobody wants to pay retail prices online. It is too easy to do a quick price search to make sure you are not overpaying.

However cycling manufacturers will stop supplying bike products to retailers if they find out that they have been selling for less. Cycling manufacturers force bike shops to sell their products at a set price. It is called MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price).

Retailers on the other hand, don’t want to wait an eternity to sell a single item at a 100% margin, they would rather sell 1000’s of products at 18% margins. This is a problem for companies like shimano, campagnolo, sram and others as products lose value (great for us consumers, hooray).

Bike stores will issue temporary coupons and sales to generate some cash flow in order to make payroll.
This is where Slickbikes and other deal sites come into play. People post these deals on slickbikes as they find them on the web.

Manufacturers also monitor the web to make sure no one is discounting currently popular products.

If they find one they immediately call the bike shop and make them end the sale.
For a consumer, often there is only a small window of opportunity to snatch products at a discounted price.

Bottom line, a bike part comes out of the factory at $100 and must be sold for $200. will go through all cycling sites (1000’s) and find the ones that will sell that exact part for $150 or less. On some lucky days even for $90 as retailers are strapped for cash.

We've incorporated SlickBike into a page here at Pedal-On so feel free to check it out and save some money.

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