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Teaching your first Power Class profile!

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Size:  16.7 KBLife Time Fitness just replaced 65 Spinner NXT's with FreeMotion S11.9 Indoor Cycles with Power Meters at the club where I teach.

This morning was my very first class and I was a bit concerned... OK I was petrified.

What will I do? Will I say too much? Not enough? Where do you even start? HELP!

Master Instructor Cameron Chinatti came to my rescue and helped me teach a fantastic first class

We recorded the profile and rather than restrict it to only ICI/PRO members, we decided to make it available to everyone. It's really that important. We wanted you to benefit from Cameron's understanding of what you should focus on if/when you get the chance to teach your first Power class.

But the profile isn't exclusive to clubs with FreeMotion Indoor Cycles > with a little creativity you should be able to use this profile with a studio filled with Keiser M3s, Schwinn ACs or any other brand of bike with Power.

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  1. spinnningmama's Avatar
    Im right there with you. Im at LTA in NY.. 70 bikes