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Virtual Cycling Classes - How to Get Started?

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Virtual Cycling classes are taking the indoor cycling world by storm with instructors and studios all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe using epicRIDES to bring an exciting new dimension to their classes. From Southern California to Maine... from Florida to Washington state... from Nova Scotia to British Columbia... and in Europe too... epicRIDES and other Virtual Cycling videos are wowing classes and giving both instructors and studios an exciting new way to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Virtual Cycling provides a great class experience. For example, here's what some indoor class students said about their virtual ride with Shirin Beckett of Claremont, California in her Epic California - Mt. Baldy class:

"I was really impressed. I usually close my eyes when I’m spinning, but I kept looking up to see the scenery. I have to admit I took the last climb to my '10' and that damn clock on the screen was way too slow!"

"The Mt. Baldy ride was outstanding, as this is a ride I have actually done, so I could really relate to it. I was able to make this ride feel very real, as the video was very well done and made me feel like I was right there, doing this painful ride again. Two thumbs up to you and the producers."

If you are an instructor or studio owner using or planning to use epicRIDES or other Virtual Cycling videos for your classes, we want to encourage your efforts! To do that, we have developed a free Virtual Cycling Toolkit chock-full of plans, profiles, tips and resources!

Here are the topic covered in our Toolkit 1.0:
  • Why Virtual Cycling?
  • Virtual Cycling Instructor Profiles
  • Virtual Cycling Studio Designs
  • Teaching a Virtual Cycling Class
  • Promoting Virtual Cycling Classes
  • Virtual Cycling Class Resources
  • Over 30 pages. PDF format
More information and free download >

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