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Why are Your Classes Not Packed?

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Momentum is a powerful thing. When you have it you know you it and problems are, "We need more bikes....we need more classes...oh my...what am I going to do with all this money?" But when momentum fades, well, everything starts to crumble...instructors get petty, things break, bills begin to mount and you'll do anything to get moment back.

If you have momentum now and don't know why, you're one step closer to losing it.

Rather than watch your program slide into the drain, fight to keep it alive. As A-List instructors, you are at the top of the food chain and your job is to inspire students.... but who inspires YOU???

Plan a Re-Grand Opening and add a little spice to your studio with an inexpensive face lift and fresh new marketing program. You can even invite me to your studio and I'll offer a motivational class for your instructors and teach a Journey Ride to inspire students and teachers.

Remember, your students are inundated daily in the marketplace with new ideas, new products and improvements on old ones...yet they come to your studio, week after week, to experience the same old room, the same old style of teaching, the same old people sitting in the same old place. People don't quit indoor cycling because they no longer believe in exercise...they quit because you gave them a reason to.

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  1. jp312101's Avatar
    Your message is a nice reminder that we, as instructors, need to give our clients a reason to attend the class. Not just expect them to show-up because it's offered. Providing them with a great experience and a great workout is what we need to aspire to do.