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ZONING® is Here!

Nine months ago when I joined Sally Edwards as President of her new company, ZONING®, our mission was to get America fit by introducing them to ZONING® Fitness concepts.

We conceptualized and planned, nine months ago, to capitalize on Sally’s yet to be written book, Zoning, Fitness in a Blink to create a program for Americans complete with DVD’s, workout cards, the Blink heart rate monitor of course and instructions on how to use Zoning to stay and/or get fit.

Yet as we worked together to study the marketplace we slowly began to realize that there was something missing in group exercise, education. We came to believe that all those people sashaying side to side or jumping up and down or moving from station to station were confused about whether they were really doing themselves any good and somewhat powerless to control their exercise based on the over zealous ministrations of the instructor.

Inside the ‘main studio’ or hanging from TRX straps they’re taunted and cajoled to, “work it harder”. However, how much harder was harder? What does a perceived exertion of 6 on a scale of one to ten really feel like?

I do tip my hat to group exercise instructors ability to dig unique verbal descriptors up to continuously try to describe a feeling of exercise intensity. I’m one of them and it is not easy. At best, such descriptors are limited.

Sally and I, we could do better.

Education. What if, Sally and I thought, we could liberate those people by teaching them about basic cardiovascular training? Moreover, having done that, give them tools to understand what efforts and intensities at which they were working based on their individual physiology.

Sally has been in the education business since she started Heart Zones USA. She had the know how, experience and ZONING®.

ZONING® simplifies the teaching, learning, integrating and using of heart rate. The blue yellow and red of our exclusive BLINK heart rate monitor ties it all together perfectly. We could do this.

Well, today the book is written and with it, the ZONING® Program was born. The concepts we discussed, nine months ago, a realty.

We’ve made learning to teach the Zoning Program easy. Any personal trainer or group exercise instructor can read our booklet, watch video, practice a bit and deliver a remarkable experience that educates the clients they work with. In the process a standardized discussion of effort is also born.

The Zoning Program comes in a can. Inside there will be everything needed to start this new program. The learning begins as soon as an instructor plugs in the USB Flash Drive that contains the PDF file of our Zoning Booklet and seven short videos that follow each section in the Zoning Booklet.

At the Indoor Cycle conference in Boston last weekend I presented the ZONING® Program. Standing next to our can I proudly answered all questions.

One of the people asking me questions was Cameron Chinatti, education director for Stages Indoor Cycling. As we talked she nodded her head and listened. When I finished she looked me square in the eye, as only Cameron can do, and said these magic words; “I get it, ZONING is the gateway to heart rate training”.

I knew at that moment Sally and I had done our job. ZONING was here to stay. Thank you Cameron for that wonderful turn of a phrase.

ZONING is, the gateway to heart rate training.

Special thanks to Sally Edwards who worked tirelessly with me to bring this program to the world.

Chuck Cali
October 5, 2011
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