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    Over on ICI/PRO there is a debate going about whether you - as an indoor cycle instructor - would teach at Soul Cycle. Apparently from the post (I've yet to do my own research on the this) SC instructors are earning $50K + benefits teaching an average of eight classes per week. Follow this link http://www.indoorcycleinstructor.com...for-soulcycle/ The post has generated a few interesting comments including a couple by yours truly. Check it out. I'd be interested what this forum thinks.Thanks
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      Well, I too love Starbucks when the coffee's good......but sometimes it's not. Come to that, oftentimes it's not. But it's Starbucks.... and I guess I'm as bad as anyone who's susceptible to marketing flim-flam and I have been known to go back, and the coffee's still been bad. Never a third time, though.
      What I meant was that not only do I buy Starbucks at the store but that's the coffee of choice at my household. A matter of taste rather than marketing.
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      Very interesting! I haven't attended soulcycle (im in vancouver, canada), but there is the Method here and it's taking a similar approach (and v popular!). I will finally followup on my curiosity and go take a class !!! Sharon
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      Not sure. I've never taken a SoulCycle class before but if it allowed me to make 50k and still keep my integrity then, sure, I'm all for it.