• The Power of Music in Cycling Classes

    My 48-bike studio outside Boston has its BUSIEST day of the year on Thanksgiving. I traditionally start my class that day with "Free Bird"...(-; Other food-related music that works really well in our classes includes: American Pie, Hungry Heart, Hungry (Paul Revere), Green Onions, Soul Kitchen, Thank you Lord (Bob Marley), Red Red Wine..........and of course (I can't get no) Satisfaction !!! Many more if you search........ www.spynergywellesley.com (we post playlists on our blog)

    We have found Music to be a powerful magnet for building the studio business....Yes, of course you need to have well planned and explained class profiles --- but when we ask our clients why they return, Music is a huge reason.

    If you are considering the launch or development of a cycling studio in any way, please check my consulting blog at www.spynergyconsulting.com We provide a range of services including business plans, operations plans and marketing plans. Or if you need a free brainstorm session on the whole concept, call me anytime at 781-254-3677......Bill
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    1. KJM's Avatar
      KJM -
      Sounds awesome--make me wish I lived in the Boston area.
    1. jamesadell's Avatar
      jamesadell -
      I just had one of my students tell me that he sees spin music as having two requirements, one for the beat and two for "emotion". It was a great reminder to not forget about the emotional impact that the music we select can have to inspire and motivate our class attendees.
    1. Jacksonrider's Avatar
      Jacksonrider -
      Sounds great - and I am definitely going to check out your website.
    1. mwicks55's Avatar
      mwicks55 -
      Love the idea of a thanksgiving ride and having all the music revolve around food.
    1. Dhudson's Avatar
      Dhudson -
      Love the thanksgiving ride idea!
    1. spin717's Avatar
      spin717 -
      Love the idea of incorporating food into a Thanksgiving themed ride! I have also included songs about family and being thankful. Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song always gets a lot of laughs before class or during the cool down.