• Introducing epicRIDES - a Unique New Way for Instructors to Motivate Classes

    We are excited to become one of Pedal-On's Industry Specialists! As a way of getting started, we thought we'd make a general post describing what we are passionate about - producing Virtual Cycling DVDs and Downloads that are specifically designed to enhance and complement Spinning® and Indoor Cycling classes.Did you know that Spinning® and Indoor Cycling Instructors all over the U.S., Canada and around the world are now using

    virtual ride training videos to motivate and excite their classes?That's right, instructors from Arizona to Minnesota, from North Carolina to New Hampshire. and from Massachusetts to California, all across Canada and in Europe, are all embracing the epicRIDES concept for their Spinning® classes and for good reason, because epicRIDES were designed with Spinning® classes in mind!The epicRIDES concept was developed by me about five years ago in a Spinning® class. In that class our instructor was leading us on an imaginary road ride and he as describing a local mountain gap I climb in the summer. Then, there in my mind, a screen appeared on the wall behind the instructor and a virtual ride video of that climb began to play on that screen and epicRIDES virtual cycling videos were born! From then on, every time I was in a Spinning® class I would work on my epicRIDES project: how I would do the filming, what angles, what additional information to include in the video, etc. It all started there!

    For Spinning® and Indoor Cycling instructors, epicRIDES offer a visually stimulating and exciting virtual ride experience that instructors use to guide and motivate their class. epicRIDES offer many other benefits including:

    • A wide variety of epic rides from all around the U.S., and eventually,Canada and the world.
    • An immersive virtual reality experience with wide-angle point of view cameras forming the basis of each epicRIDES
    • Beautiful cinematography and editing that emphasizes and complements the beauty of riding on the road.
    • The option of using the DVDs original score music track or for instructors to develop their own playlist.
    • An on-screen digital dashboard with terrain profile and countdown timer providing visual cues for classes.
    epicRIDES virtual ride training videos are filmed on truly epic cycle routes in scenic locations around the world, using local cyclists as riders.

    are edited to an original music score and include an on-screen digital dashboard showing terrain profile, ride time, average grade, and suggested training zone. The video’s interface is clean, simple and elegant, so as to not detract from the beautiful scenery in the rides. Additionally, all epicRIDES come with downloadable Training Guide with several different workouts that tie in with the video’s dashboard.

    At present we have 12 great titles from over the U.S. with several more on the way.

    Check us out when you get a chance! >>>

    Ride on.

    Allen Jones
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    1. ehrl97's Avatar
      ehrl97 -
      Allen,I'm so excited that Shirin Beckett will be coming all the way to Cycledelic to present Epic's Mt. Baldy Ride in December!! Our staff of instructors is working together to present the training rides prior to Shirin coming in. We're finding that this is a great way to work together as a team toward a common goal and with the training guide it makes it that much easier. You can see our event write-up here: http://cycledelicstudio.com/indoor-cycling-events.htm. It's also proving to be a great way to entice outdoor cyclists indoors, a perfect demonstration of "mini training" over the course of a month to show them how indoor cycling can be used to prepare for an event. Thanks for these wonderful resources!-KathyOwner, Cycledelic Indoor Cycling Studiowww.CycledelicStudio.com
    1. epicplanet's Avatar
      epicplanet -
      You are so welcome Kathy. As I said, we've produced epicRIDESfor forward looking studios like Cycledelic.Good luck with your Epic Mt. Baldy event. I'm sure Shirin will lead an amazing virtual ride for your group.We'd love to know how it comes together and see some photos!Ride on.Allen
    1. gknikola's Avatar
      gknikola -
      So cool! We have TVs in our studios but they've never been used. I'll mention to owner.
    1. anubette's Avatar
      anubette -
      Would LOVE to try this! What a motivation bump!
    1. mwicks55's Avatar
      mwicks55 -
      So cool! Would love to do this in my class. Riders would love it.
    1. Karadarrigo's Avatar
      Karadarrigo -
      So awesome