• Greetings Pedal-On Community!

    Since the transfer of ownership in April of this year we’ve seen a whirlwind of activity and you have seen a number of substantial changes here. We have the bulk of the website changes / upgrades completed as planned, in preparation for our Indoor Cycling season which is right in front of many of us.

    We want to take this opportunity to share something important with you:

    Pedal-On had been declining in activity since 2009. You could say Pedal-On was heading to it's slow death...

    If you are a long time member you may have noticed it. By any measure, a comparison of; registered users, posts and thread counts from previous years - all show a drop in activity beginning in 2009. Activity statistics from the first quarter of 2011 showed a continuation of this downward trend. If not for the core group of active and dedicated contributors, Pedal-On would have probably gone the way of other inactive Indoor Cycling forums.

    But not anymore!

    Have you noticed the change in activity this summer? We have and it’s been very exciting to see the fantastic growth in new registered users and forum activity over the past four months…

    The Pedal-On Indoor Cycling community is now alive, well and clearly thriving!

    For you data freaks, here are four exciting pieces of info that tell the tale:

    1. Between April 15th and today, registered users have grown 15% (and this is off season, just you wait until winter!)
    2. There have been 6435 posts, up 45% over last year!
    3. There were 707 new threads created during the same time period = 68.5% over 2010! All these new threads show that the increases aren’t just from the 5 posts necessary to see the Profiles section. These are real, substantial increases in activity.
    4. We set a new record for the most users ever online (325) on August 8th, surpassing the previous record from years ago. Again; we’re setting a new record, in the off season, in August?
    We are completely stoked for setting a new record in February!

    And it’s not just the numbers…..you’ve no doubt noticed other Improvements:

    • Software upgrades to the very latest version with cool new features
    • Updated Logo – keeping the original look
    • New Home Page – highlights of news and information of interest
    • Cleaner site layout and graphics update
    • New Club & Studio locator map – have you added your club?
    • Additional Content Sections with informative information about products and services that could improve your class.
    • Weekly email newsletter digest to remind you of the latest activity and update you on current activity.
    Pedal-On has never been stronger thanks to your participation and the help of some hardworking administrators! Other improvements to look out for this fall:

    • Further home page upgrades with easy to use new features
    • Clearly delineated (non-forum) content areas for sponsors and suppliers to showcase the best in innovative indoor cycling products and services.
    • We’ve added a new user category - Industry Specialist to identify accredited members who are connected to companies offering quality products and services to Indoor Cycling Instructors and Studio/Club Owners/Managers. Pedal-On Members can look forward to seeing informative articles and blog posts from these Industry Specialists in the near future.
    The decision to acquire Pedal-On and invest a substantial amount of money in upgrading the Forum was based on an unending desire to help YOU improve your craft as an Indoor Cycling Instructor. Our sincere hope is that you will find that “Spark of Inspiration” you need to take your class from ordinary to extraordinary this season, here at Pedal-On.com.

    John Macgowan and the Team at Deep Breath In, LLC
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    1. ssquier's Avatar
      ssquier -
      Thanks for the update.
    1. laurasantos's Avatar
      laurasantos -
      Pedal-On is a fantastic resource. I'm happy it's still here - I've been gone for a few years.
    1. Joelle Sahyoun Steinhoff's Avatar
      Joelle Sahyoun Steinhoff -
      I'm so excited that pedal-on is a resource for indoor cycling instructors. As a new instructor I am glad to have a community of support.
    1. anubette's Avatar
      anubette -
      Still new to the page, but have heard great things from other instructors. Glad to have it!
    1. fitttness's Avatar
      fitttness -
      Without the help of all the members on pedal-on, I probably would've quit teaching indoor cycling after the first month.
    1. idachi's Avatar
      idachi -
      Congratulations. I am enjoying the give and take principles of this website. Thanks