• Zu Zu Pedals - best name for a Indoor Cycling Studio to date!

    I just added Zu Zu Pedals to our big map of Indoor Cycling studios. Isn't that a great name? I can already hear people talking; "are you riding at Zu Zu tonight?"
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    1. Dellphinus's Avatar
      Dellphinus -
      "It's a Wonderful Life" for sure...
    1. Dellphinus's Avatar
      Dellphinus -
      If who ever runs that club doesn't have a tinkling bell on the door and an instructor named Clarence they've really messed up.
    1. spinneridol's Avatar
      spinneridol -
      I love it. Very creative and fun.
      Hi,I agree. What a great name. fantastic!There is also a new studio about to open in London, UK called BOOM! www.boommybody.comMaybe somebody could help me?My name is Paul Venning. I have owned a dedicated Heart Rate Based Spinning studio in the UK, (Devon) for the past 13 Years and am about to re-launch, and would love any thoughts or ideas you guys might be able to give on the following……In Easter 2012, we will re-launch with 35 new bikes (Yet to be Confirmed but either the new Spinner Blade or the SCHWINN SPORT / PERFORMANCE RANGE) MYZONE HR system and a nice new lighting and flooring effect to finish the job off. To wrap this up, I will also be looking for a new branded name (currently indoorgroupcycling) to bring us into a new era of Indoor Cycling. This is where I would love any advice or examples of names you have thought about / come across that go WOW when looking for new indoor cycling studios? ps. Good to be finally here Warmest Regards,Paul Venninghttp://www.indoorgroupcycling.co.uk