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  1. Cycle Camp 2013 Update

    We are starting week 5 of 15, just starting threshold rides. I wanted to post the power to weight ratios of this year's athletes, 26 females and 27 males. Included is a 2010 version of the Cat 1-5 international rating system. Yes, we calibrate our "older" M3s so we can make an approximate comparison to the international rating system.
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  2. It's Not Too Late To Sign Up For Winter Training

    You know you need to do base training, and you know without 6 to 12 weeks of it, you might as well go skiing. So, is this the year you "get er' done?"

    Just as a group cycling class is more motivating than riding on your own, a virtual training group of 100+ riders from all over the country all working on the same training plan and following the same program also gives one that sense of camaradarie and collective motivation.

    We have a lot to offer, from lectures ...