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  1. Cycle Camp 2013 Update

    We are starting week 5 of 15, just starting threshold rides. I wanted to post the power to weight ratios of this year's athletes, 26 females and 27 males. Included is a 2010 version of the Cat 1-5 international rating system. Yes, we calibrate our "older" M3s so we can make an approximate comparison to the international rating system.
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  2. Cycle Camp 2013

    Cycle Camp 2013 starts in 2 short weeks! To read about the planning and preparation that goes into Cycle Camp please click on the attachments.

    If you have any questions please let me know.


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  3. Cycle Camp 2012

    Our 4th season of Cycle Camp is just around the corner. Classes start January 7th.

    Cycle Camp is 15 weeks of power based, progressive cycle training specifically designed for the competitive cyclist that wants to be road ready when the outdoor cycling season starts. It’s a fee based, registration required group exercise class. For each athlete we conduct an initial power assessment, do a mid-term test and then a final test, quantifying threshold watts, power to weight and power to ...