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  1. Why are Your Classes Not Packed?

    Momentum is a powerful thing. When you have it you know you it and problems are, "We need more bikes....we need more classes...oh my...what am I going to do with all this money?" But when momentum fades, well, everything starts to crumble...instructors get petty, things break, bills begin to mount and you'll do anything to get moment back.

    If you have momentum now and don't know why, you're one step closer to losing it.

    Rather than watch your program slide into the ...
  2. New trends in studio design

    New studio designs are emerging every day, and the competition for inexpensive yet innovative ideas is growing fierce. If you're in the process of opening a new studio or renovating an exiting one, consider these new trends I've recently experienced:

    Stained concrete, vinyl strip wood flooring, mildew resistance carpet tiles, rolled virgin rubber, distressed brick walls, murals, low voltage lighting, colorwash lighting, heavy theatrical curtains, architectural mouldings, coffered ceilings, ...