How to Choose the Best Bike Trainer Mats?

Having the right mats for exercise bikes can actually make your workouts more comfortable and safer. This article will review some of the best bike trainer mats available.

The material of the best bike trainer mat is one crucial factor to consider when choosing a trainer mat. You should also look at the dimensions and the ease of cleaning of the trainer mat when choosing the best one for yourself.

5 Best Bike Trainer Mats

If you are interested in buying the best mats for bike trainers, here is a list of some amazing products reviewed for you.

CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer Hardwood Floor Carpet Protection Workout Mat for Indoor Cycle

How to Choose the Best Bike Trainer Mats?

How to Choose the Best Bike Trainer Mats?

Owning an elliptical, stationary bike, or a heavy-duty treadmill in your home can be fun for you but a problem for other members. Such equipment causes a lot of vibration on the floors when being used and often leaves behind ugly marks on the floor. To get rid of this problem, it is important to look for a good product that is available in a variety of options.

This CyclingDeal bike trainer mat is an exceptional choice. The mat comes in various sizes and softness/hardness options. It is available in two dimensions, 30-inch x 60-inch, and 76.2 cm x 152.4 cm. You can either choose a soft mat or a high density one, depending on your flooring requirements.

Other features of this product include a 6mm thick PVC that is free of smell, odors and is very durable. The mat is soft and has an all-black exterior. One of the most prominent benefits of using this soft mat with your trainer bike is that it can be easily used for a good stretching session or a warm-up. It can be used as a yoga mat as well.

The bottom side of the trainer mat is fully textured so that there are little to no chances of slippage. In addition to this, it is ideal for spin bikes and medium-range sized equipment.


  • Soft and flexible, easy to fold up and store
  • Reduces chances of slippage with the textured bottom side
  • Available in soft and high-density options
  • Made with advanced, new PVC


  • The soft material is not ideal for very heavy equipment
  • Cannot be used on carpeted floors
  • HIGH DENSITY: Real high density 3mm thick mat which is made of new PVC without odor. The weight is around 10kg or 22 lbs. Size: (3-Foot x 7-Foot) (92 cm x 214 cm). NOT for light equipment such as bike trainer or rollers.
  • GREAT FOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT: Protects carpets and floors from treadmills, elliptical, stationary spin bikes and others. Protects your carpet or floor against dirt, vibrations, wear and tear …

Wahoo KICKR Multi-Purpose Floor Mat

How to Choose the Best Bike Trainer Mats?

How to Choose the Best Bike Trainer Mats?

Most gym and workout enthusiasts will understand the importance of remaining hydrated during workout sessions. However, delicate equipment and machines make it difficult to have drinking bottles around. But, this Wahoo mat for gyms and bike trainers can be used to keep water bottles around you. This is because the mat is fully waterproof and will resist exposure to sweat and water.

The mat has a notable anti-slip texture. As a result, you can apply this on a fine finished floor and still not worry about slippages. Another advanced feature of this mat is the thick insulation that allows it to absorb vibrations and noise. You can apply this mat in two-story houses where the bike trainers being used are on the upper floor. The mat’s thickness is bound to make the noise minimal.

The water-resistant nature of this mat makes it suitable for using it on carpets. It can act as a barrier between your sweat or spilled water from reaching the carpet and ruining it. The cushioned, thick nature of the mat is also ideal for exercising without any use of a machine.


  • Thick cushioning absorbs sounds
  • Good for use on carpets


  • Available only in one size
  • WATER RESISTANT - Impervious to sweat and spilled water bottles.
  • ANTI-SLIP-TEXTURE - Gripping texture keeps you and your working equipment in place.
  • NOISE INSULATING - Material helps to absorb sound, making your indoor trianing experience even quieter.
  • SAFETY-BEVELED-EDGE - Beveled edge keeps the mat in line with the floor …

Powr Labs Exercise Bike Mat

How to Choose the Best Bike Trainer Mats?

How to Choose the Best Bike Trainer Mats?

The USA-made Powr Labs exercise mat is definitely one of a kind. If you are looking for a product that is meant to add good value to your money, then this product is a perfect choice. It comes supported by a generous 12-month warranty. As a result, you will be getting good value for your money, considering this mat also comes with a neon-green, microfiber cooling towel. This complete package is going to make your workout and gym sessions really comfortable.

Some key features of this mat include its anti-slip and waterproof nature. It has a 4 mm PVC thickness. The dense structure of the mat is perfect for use on carpets and hardwood flooring.

This remarkable product is also resistant to scratches, so you can easily drag machines on and off of it without worrying about damaging it. It is tear-resistant, meaning that it will last you for a long time. The all-black exterior of the training mat makes it suitable for all types of interiors and setups. It measures 71 x 30 x 0.16 inches in dimensions.


  • Good for carpeted and hardwood floors
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Anti-tear and anti-slip quality


  • Available only in one size
  • Customer support only applies to the USA
  • Built for Peloton & Indoor Bike Trainers - Custom designed at 2.5x6 ft (30x71") to provide 30% more length for cycling and bike trainers.
  • Protect Your Floors - Exercise bike mat for hardwood floors & carpet, non-slip surface & extra-dense scratch resistant 6mm thickness. Don't be fooled by the 'other guys' thin & cheap mats for exercise equipment! …

Saris CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bike Trainers

How to Choose the Best Bike Trainer Mats?

How to Choose the Best Bike Trainer Mats?

For people who have stationary bikes set up in rooms and smaller spaces, having large and attention-grabbing trainer mats can be a problem. It is better to own a more low-profile and lightweight mat that just blends well with the floor. For this reason, the Saris CycleOps training mat is great for using indoors.

This is a premium-quality mat that measures 65 x 36 inches and is equipped with high-quality PVC. The all-black mat is fully waterproof. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining this mat is a piece of cake as you can apply soap and water to clean it occasionally.

It has a remarkable anti-slip structure and holds the stationary bike in place, even at the most intense workouts. We would recommend you to set up this mat on a carpeted floor, considering that it does not let water or sweat pass through and protects the carpet’s fabric. The size of this mat is also ideal and great for pro-level gym sessions. It can accommodate a full-size spin bike.


  • Known for absorbing vibrations and moisture
  • Good for plywood, hardwood, and carpeted floors
  • Low-profile design with optimal thickness
  • Large size that can accommodate big bikes


  • Available in only one size
  • Not very thick, as sound can still get through
  • Protects your floor from sweat and bike grime.
  • Keeps your trainer from "walking" during intense workouts.
  • Durable construction absorbs vibration and noise.
  • Mat protects carpet or hardwood from bike grime
  • Ideal for use under any trainer or roller
  • Workout safely on any flat surface for hours
  • Prevents your trainer from "walking" across the floor …

Kinetic Trainer Mat

How to Choose the Best Bike Trainer Mats?

How to Choose the Best Bike Trainer Mats?

This Kinetic Trainer Mat is ideal for smaller floor spaces. It is thinner than the usual 4 to 6mm PVC trainer mats, which makes it easier to fold and store as well. It has a sleek base with a textured, non-slip design and closed-cell foam construction that is designed to provide maximum protection to the floor.

The training mat measures 79 x 36 inches in dimensions. The PVC construction and foamed design makes it ideal for use in apartments and double story houses as it absorbs vibrations effectively. Equipped with high-quality PVC, this mat will not leave off any bad plastic smell or odor and is therefore good for use in smaller spaces.


  • No PVC smell or odor reported by users
  • Works well in smaller spaces like apartments
  • Thinner design, easy to store
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Too thin to absorb moisture
  • Can easily tear after few uses
  • Closed-cell foam reduces noise and protects floors
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Dimensions 79" x 36"

Why Use a Bike Trainer Mat?

Indoor bike trainers and stationary bikes are becoming increasingly common. The world is getting obsessed with fitness, but they are not taking care of their indoors enough.

When you train on a stationary bike, treadmill, or anything of the sort on your precious hardwood or carpeted floors, there are lots of damages and issues that can occur. Some of these common issues are slippages. In this section, let’s discuss why using bike trainer mats is so important.

Protecting the Floor

These heavy-duty machines have large-sized feet that are usually made of hard-quality plastic and sometimes covered with rubber pads. These feet, or the base of the machine, can leave behind ugly marks on the floor. This can be a huge interior disaster, especially for other members of the house who do not even use the machine.

Even if you own a gym and have to have these machines, it is important to maintain the look of the interior so that your customers, as well as the landlord of the gym, have no complaints. Therefore, bike trainer mats play a crucial role in protecting your floor. They are cushioned and padded, with a thickness of at least 3mm PVC that can prevent the machine from coming in direct contact with the floor. Moreover, some of these mats are resistant to water and prevent water or moisture from reaching the floors.

Noise and Vibration Reduction

Noise is a huge issue, especially for people using bike trainers in their houses. These machines make lots of noise and also generate vibrations as you run on them or are walking on them. Cushioned, thicker bike trainer mats are insulated enough to absorb these vibrations and sounds. As a result, you will see a significant decrease in vibrations, and everyone in the house will be happy.


As mentioned before as well, the mats we are talking about are usually waterproof. They act as a protective wall and prevent moisture from sweat or drinks from reaching the floor directly. This makes sure that once you are done with your exercise, you won’t be troubled by the leftover marks or a small puddle of sweat on the floor as the moisture will be absorbed by the mat. Moreover, there will be no marks left by the machine on the floor to be cleaned after. Even dust from the machine that often builds up from your shoes will not reach the floors.

Multi-purpose Usage

Another very important benefit of using these mats is that they are multi-purpose. They are foldable and are easy to store. This means that they don’t have to be stuck or fitted in one place and can be stored away by simply rolling them up. Also, these mats are useful for doing stretches, warm-ups, aerobics, and yoga exercises. You don’t always have to use them with a bike trainer.

Important Things to Pay Attention When Buying a Bike Trainer Mat

If you are buying a bike trainer mat for the first time for your house or gym, make sure to check for the following factors and make sure you buy the right product.


You will not be investing in a bike trainer mat every day. Therefore, it is important to check the material the mat is made from along with the quality. Some common materials that are used for making exercising and training mats are vinyl, PVC, and rubber. The most commonly preferred ones are PVC mats since these are the most durable and strongest. These are also waterproof and tear-resistant.

Rubber mats are thicker and well-cushioned, making them incredibly good for noise and vibration reduction purposes. They are easy to clean and are also more compact in size and suitable for medium-sized trainer bikes.

Vinyl is the strongest of these all. This material is good for full-sized machines and gym training purposes.


You need to match the size or dimensions of your mat with the size of your heavy-duty machine. It should be large enough to cover the base. Otherwise, the base of the machine will be reaching out of the mat, and there will be a very unsafe and uncomfortable disbalance. It is also important to match the mat’s dimensions with your floorspace so that you don’t buy one larger than your floor space.

Mat Thickness

The thickness of the mat is significant for vibration and noise reduction, as well as how well it protects your floor. It is also better at absorbing moisture. However, some people prefer thinner mats since they are easy to fold and store. So, the mat thickness will depend on your personal preferences.


To sum it up, having a bike trainer mat for indoor exercising is very important. It provides greater safety to the user, as well as the floor and the machine. Make sure to select the size of the mat wisely. We recommend using PVC trainer mats for basic indoor use, but vinyl ones are ideal for gyms and professional training.