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07-17-2010, 05:35 PM
1. Pedal-On is geared toward fitness professionals, although enthusiasts are welcome; it is expected that you will interact with other forum members professionally. Personal attacks, name-calling and pointless bickering just donít contribute to a group discussion.
2. It is also expected that forum content will be non-commercial. This is not the place to promote your fitness program or your for-profit website. We are happy to hear about your new fitness-related business; this just isnít the place to try to get free advertising for it. The forum will, however, accept your paid avertising.

3. You can express yourself in any manner that you want. Weíre all adults. If saying bad words helps you make your point, then say bad words. However, we reserve the right to think youíre an ass.

4. This is a learning environment. If youíre here it means you want to learn how to improve yourself as an IDC instructor or student or as someone who works in the fitness industry.

5. If you know something, share it. If you don't, ask it.

6. If you ever have any question that you canít get answered by posting it to a forum, email moderators@pedal-on.com (moderators@pedal-on.com) and weíll try to help.