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09-30-2007, 12:47 PM
Our facility is looking into getting the Keiser M3 bikes.
Does anyone have an opinion on them that they can share??
Maintenance, repair, ride quality etc.

10-01-2007, 04:41 PM
Vastly superior to Star Trac and Schwinn. And the computer will change your IDC program for the better. Smoother ride, better drive train, precision resistance.

10-02-2007, 11:32 AM
I have not ridden the M3 and I am sure it has all the benefits above. The computer would be great. However, the thing I HATE about other Keiser bikes (and I think this is the same) is that when you adjust the handlebars up and down, because the post is at an angle, they also move closer and further away from the seat.

So, if I have the handlebars at the correct height I have to reach too far forward to hold them. I guess I could move the saddle forward but then my knees are too far forward.......

10-02-2007, 02:38 PM
True - but the bike is so smooth with the magnetic resistance.. and quiet. The computer adds to it as well, RPM, Watts, Gears.

10-08-2007, 12:43 PM
We have the M3's at most new LA Fitness Clubs the Phoenix area. I just attended a certification seminar for Keiser as well and I guess they did a TON of research regarding design and improvements. With the resistance being controlled by a magnet, it takes away the instance for breakdowns that usually happen with cables etc. They also looked into many of the 'sweat zones' where the build up of sweat can cause the bike to wear down more. Overall, it is a nice bike to ride, at least compared to the older models - ugh. But, I agree that the handlebars are a bit of a pain, if you want them higher, they get further away from you. AND, LA fitness didn't shell out for the computers :mad:, but other than that, I like riding them and my students seem to like them as well.
Just wish they had the computers ;)!!

10-10-2007, 03:34 AM
We just got our Keiser M3 for the indoor cycling studio we are opening. I have had a couple of classes and I absolutely LOVE the bikes. We have two Star Trac Elite in our basement that we ride at home but the Keisers are much quieter and smoother. Although one draw back we have come up against is that the computers do not have lights so we are trying to find a way to be able to better see the computers since we have our studio lights dimmed. I have attached a book light to my computer but it doesn't light it enough to see the resistence level down in the corner.

But overall we love them.

10-11-2007, 10:26 AM
We use at LA Fitness Keiser bikes. The newer clubs have the M3 which is a superior, well designed, and, as an instructor, a very good, highly recommended bike. This bike performs well, requires routine maintenance, as all do, and the looks make you want to come in and ride.

Our facility is looking into getting the Keiser M3 bikes.
Does anyone have an opinion on them that they can share??
Maintenance, repair, ride quality etc.

10-11-2007, 07:10 PM
Dont forget to encourage your clubs to get the new M3 handlebars. $25 replacements till the end of the year. A better design. Easier for both 1 and 2 hand positions and it looks like the handlebars are a bit more forward.


10-13-2007, 08:57 PM
Thanks for your input. We got them a few days ago and it's like going from Jello Pudding to Creme Brulee!!!

10-13-2007, 09:05 PM
I teach at one facility with the old orange bikes and the other with the M3. They are awsome! I do a lot of outdoors road biking as well. The M3 is by far the best outdoor bike out there. We don't have the computers yet. I keep hearing they are coming. But I also hear they will get the air conditioning working, so I'm not holding my breath. Even without the computer the bike a joy to ride.

10-15-2007, 04:54 PM
I'm loving the M3's at our facility. It's an LA Fitness, so no computers, but the bikes have the best feeling of any indoor bike out there. As far as maintenance goes, we've had the bikes for nine months now and had one pedal spindle break. I'm hoping it was a fluke.

10-30-2007, 09:43 PM
I also take classes at LA Fitness and last week was my first ride on the M3. It was a much better ride than their previous bikes. However after only being open one week two of the bikes have started to make this very loud squealing sound....But they are much better than the previous keiser models. Oh yeah the adjusting for the seat height no longer has pop in pins, you now have to tighten the screw...Last week a girl was riding the bike and the seat just dropped on her....This may be a problem worth looking into.....

11-12-2007, 06:53 PM
We're getting the Keiser M3 at one of our facilities. I have been a dogged Schwinn fan for years. Still love them, but I found on first look that (on the M3) the drive train and computer overcame the (considerable) shortcomings in the geometry.

You may be aware I am rarely short of an opinion, so when I have some experience on these, you'll be amongst the first to know...


11-13-2007, 10:51 PM
my vote is for the Star-trac nxt. The M3's at my LAF don't have the computer, so just bike to bike comparison.

The M3 handlebar geometry is awkward, the seat post does not click in so tends to lower in class if I don't torque it down. Not sure if the seats are variable, but LAF has these big cushiony seats that are uncomfortable (yeah too soft).

The other club I teach at has new NXT's and they are almost as smooth(not as quiet) and the seat and geometry is correct (I may be biased).

As far as the computer goes--I just attended a Keiser cert and they mentioned HR once and RPE maybe twice. The MI that I had was more worried about posture (because of the bike geometry??) than monitoring intensity or explaining the terminology of the movements on the bike. The emphasis of this Keiser cert was not on training, but on filling a class with intervals. Not sure how the computer fits into this philosophy.