View Full Version : Seeking my replacement, Columbus Ohio

12-12-2006, 07:46 AM
I teach in a small, semi-private gym that services a group of apartments and condos. The class holds 9 students plus instructor. Class is always full, I have several dedicated regulars. The studio is very nice. I have a lot of freedom with my class, no additional time spent cleaning the room after class, attending staff meetings, etc. My class prefers a 45 minute cycle, 15 minute abs format and they like a challenging class. I currently teach Monday evenings and used to teach Saturday mornings. Weeknight slot could be a different night as needed. Pay has been $25 per hour class, independent contractor. It's a great opportunity for someone just starting as an instructor (it's where I started, but I am moving on to a large athletic club). Your classes would start in February, but I would like to find a replacement ASAP so I can introduce them to the class and show them the studio. PM or email me if interested.