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03-12-2006, 01:13 PM

Ooh, my first post - very exciting :-)

Anyway, I have been spinning for a good six months or so 3 or so times a week. I'm in good fitness (I think! Lol) and am in good shape (BMI 23, 22% bf). This week my fave instructor is doing two classes back to back and I was wondering what the 'professional' people on here think about me doing that. Is it safe? It'll probably entail about 1hr30 mins hard riding, with a bit of a gap (5 mins or so) inbetween classes..

Thanks in advance!

Em x

03-12-2006, 04:16 PM
A longer ride (such as two classes back-to-back) should be fine, as long as you are fit and use common sense. If you are seeing stars, or dizzy or nauseous and light-headed, you've overdone it. Keep in mind that you can't sustain the same pace for 90 minutes that you typically can for 45, but folks ride outside for much longer time periods than this, sometimes without a break, and they do just fine.

Stay hydrated, and make sure you bring a gel, energy drink or some easy-to-digest food to keep your blood sugar stable while you ride.

And have fun!