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02-25-2006, 04:32 PM
Profile questions.. The terminology is different on a lot of profiles than what I'm certified in. Can anyone tell me what the moves for a few different songs would be if they're titled:

Standing Hill

Like what are the movements for Hill? Just resistance increases? Are sprints just racing the whole time?

In my cert we used racing, ride, standing climb, standing coast, etc..The terminology is just a little different and I have some great profiles but I want to make sure I work the songs out the right way..Thanks!

02-26-2006, 06:17 PM
Stayseeliz, I'm only gonna be able to help you out with Spinning terminology (the JGSI cert). Schwinn, Reebok, Lemond, etc may all have a little different meaning, I don't know.

Let's start in your order:
In the Spinning program, jumps can either be done on a flat road (80-110 rpms) in hand position 2, this is where your hands are in front of you but slightly wide, or jumps on a hill (60-80 rpms) in hand position 2 when seated then transition to hand position 3 when you jump out of saddle. HP 3 is the extended bars. Obviously more resistance is necessary to simulate a hill when jumping on a hill, therefore the cadence is lower.

Sprints in the Spinning program are considered short in duration (10-30sec), high intensity advanced movements. So a good aerobic base from the participant is needed. Also adequate recovery after each sprint, 1-4 mins. The movement begins seated and just before you cue the sprint apply a challenging amount of resistance that it equals a tough climb, then start the sprint by exploding out of the saddle into HP 3 (a standing climb), quickly turn over the pedals to "break" the gear (5 sec or so) and your stroke smooths out, then sit back down in HP 2 and maintain speed unitl the interval is over. This is 30 sec max the whole thing.

We also have sprints on a hill, which would be say if you are seated or standing climbing up a hill with heavy resistance, then sprint up the hill in that position (60-80 rpms). So if you're seated you stay seated, standing you stay standing. Advanced movement so watch the heart rates and give adequate recovery.

A hill can be ridden seated (HP 2) or standing (HP 3) or you may do RWR which is running with resistance (HP 2), or jumps up the hill like stated above (HP 2 & 3). Note that all the hill movements have same cadence range (60 -80 rpms).

Hope I covered your questions, if not let me know :)