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07-17-2016, 02:04 PM
Hi - Well since I posted all my power questions a few months ago and received awesome information and guidance in return, I have gone through the actual power certification but am still confused as to a few aspects that I had researched and tested on my own. Cycle Guy, in particular, had told me that a loose power target of 1 watt per pound of body weight was a good loose target. Since we have not yet been able to do any PST testing in our studio due to time constraints, we are still just winging it with our Blade Ions. I have realized that my average power as noted at the end of a class seems to be a good goal to use in future classes, always trying to better it and also letting me be able to check the average power during any point in my ride allowing me to modify my power to reach/better that average number. I'm wondering though if this average power number is what you were saying should reflect close to body weight? (If so, I have been slacking off as I have a good 30 Watts to go to get to my body weight!!)

Since my riders have no PST numbers to use as guidelines, in the interim (or once we do a threshhold test, on the days that we don't do any power specific training drills) can I just tell them to use this average power number as their threshold and work to better it as noted above?

I'm also finding it difficult to comprehend if there is an actual difference between PST and FTP numbers. From what I've read, it appears both numbers are derived from the same 20-60 minute threshold test and that these numbers are lower than the standard threshold numbers based on heart rate/age alone. Can PST and FTP be used interchangeably or are they really two different concepts?

As always, your input is greatly appreciated!