View Full Version : Here's how to add your Spotify profile link to your signature

02-12-2013, 09:00 AM
Groupfitpower had another great idea; adding a link to your Spotify profile in your signature :)

Here's how you do that so it displays nicely.

Log in to pedal-on
Click the Settings tab at the top
Scroll down and click Edit Signature on the left sidebar
Open Spotify > Click on your name > select Profile
You'll see your name in big white letters > right click it and select Copy HTTP link
Back to pedal-on > add your text, something like "I'm on Spotify"
Highlight the text and then click link icon (the globe with the chain) > right click the URL box and select Paste > OK
You can click the Preview Signature to test it
Once it's showing like you want > Save Signature