View Full Version : Age/Usage of your M3s?

09-25-2012, 12:01 PM
We have 16 M3s, 12 "old" and 4 "new" ones. All have the cyclometer with power functionality so they aren't as old as some Keisers that I've seen.

I'm most interested in how the usage of our "old" M3s compares to other M3s in service. To compare usage let's focus on the "distance" displayed on the cyclometer. If you don't already know, when you first start pedaling a M3 the cyclometer in the "distance" field will display the total cumulative distance the bike has experienced. After a matter of seconds the display will change from cumulative distance to trip distance.

Our 12 "old" M3s range in cumulative distance from 51,216 to 58,908. As a side note, our SNs range from 070423-12381 to 070423-12435.

It will be interesting if you can share cumulative distance information from your M3s. Maybe an average, maybe a range, maybe just a sampling of several bikes.


If you turn the pedals 200 revolutions the cyclometer will count up 1 in the distance field. So a bike displaying a distance of 58,908 will have experienced 11.8 million revolutions of the pedals. Further, if you assume a cadence of 90 rpm that comes to 2,182 hours of operation. That's approximately equal to 40 hours/week for an entire year.