View Full Version : Use of older Keiser bikes without monitors

09-12-2012, 01:57 PM
So we use the Keiser cycles that don't have the latest monitors that track RPMs/Watts/Calories/Miles...I've found that all the instructors at my gym use a different scale for effort and/or resistance. I use a subjective of scale of 1-10 for resistance and then sometimes percentages for speed...60/70/80/90/100 etc. Anyone else use these bikes and what scales do you use? RPE I'm familiar with too, but I like to refer to resistance and I find that difficult with speed and resistance using the RPE...thoughts? Would LOVE suggestions and imput! :rolleyes:

09-13-2012, 02:40 PM
We use the old Schwinn bikes without monitors. I don't mind because I have to think more creatively. I use RPE and ten second cadence checks, but mostly I rely on imagery. An easy flat feels like riding outside on a beach cruiser with friends. A heavier flat is windy or muddy. For hills I describe various places in my community and ask my students to imagine what it would feel like. I also use friendly competition by asking them to mirror my pedal stroke or mirror the person next to them.

09-17-2012, 07:46 AM
I have taken some awesome workshops from Schwinn master instructors and always listen to their cues! I have been teaching since spin came out and have found that the power of suggestion is very strong! Use words such as difficult, uncomfortable or barely hitting the beat (of the music) during a climb, or doable, comfortable, something you can ride for a good 20 minutes during a flat/recovery! Uncomfortable is like getting out of a nice, warm cozy bed; you don't like it but you can do it! On accelerations in a tough gear: what I need from you right now is in the next 15 seconds...you will lose your breath...empty the tank, or release the kraken (sp) or leave with nothing else to offer! Hope this helps!