View Full Version : Grandma's Marathon & Power Training

03-15-2011, 03:50 PM
Grandmaís Marathon 2011, Duluth, MN, Saturday, June 18

Grandmaís Marathon draws approximately 60,000 visitors to Duluth each spring. Itís a good bet that several of the visitors are indoor cycle instructors and itís a good bet that some of those are interested in learning more about power based indoor cycling.

You are invited to participate in Power Cycle training. The training will be customized based on who is interested and what they want to learn. The training can take place on any of the days, at most any time, surrounding the marathon weekend. We can accommodate your schedule. The cost will be the purchase price of a day pass at the Duluth Y. You are welcome to make an additional donation to the Y. Training can consist of any combination of the following; calibrating the M3s, power class equipment and room set-up, conducting a power assessment, marketing your power classes, developing a power curriculum, conducting a power class, recording power data and creating metrics, tabulating class power metrics and evaluating power results. We can even do a practice power assessment followed by a power workout.

If you are interested in participating and/or have questions please send me a personal message. Hope to see you in Duluth in June!