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10-19-2005, 10:43 AM
:D All this talk about pacelines brings up a good point. What is GOOD paceline rules? Put 'em up here for us all to get on the same page and prevent some crashes.:eek:
**** Big one for me is stay out of your aero bars, unless you have your breaks on them.
***Keep your eyes on the guy infront of you's pedals/feet.
Now you add your own or tell me if my are wrong.;)

10-19-2005, 12:37 PM
Taken from Chapter 2 - Pace Lines (pg 15-47) of "Racing Tactics For Cyclists" by Thomas Prehn (Velo Press)

-- Don't jump through at the front. Keep the pace or effort constant as you pull.
-- Don't start slowing down before you pull off the front. It will cause the riders behind you to slow down and then accelerate.
-- Don't swing off too far. Keep the echelon/paceline tight. You can also get a draft from the rider who has pulled off. Always pull off into the wind otherwise you will cross the overlapping wheels in the paceline.
-- Don't drop back too fast.
-- Don't drift off the wheel in front of you.
-- Start your acceleration before you get back onto the back of the echelon/paceline. Start your acceleration as your front wheel comes even with the last riders bottom bracket.
-- Make sure you're really in the optimum draft. (If you have to move around do so gingerly)
-- Never make sudden movements.
-- Speed "and effort level" determine the pace.
-- The second rider in line is in the best position to feel any wind shift and change the direction of the paceline.
-- When a rider pulls off the front it must be done in a steady predictable manner. Never "dive" off the front.
-- Signal you are swining off the front by flicking your elbow out to the side in the direction you are swinging off. The next rider must be aware you are swinning off so he does not slow down the pace when he assumes the pull.
-- There is no standard for the length of a pull. Stronger riders can make longer pulls.
-- Accelerate a paceline gradually.
-- If someone makes a mistake. Don't panic. Adjust and gradually get back into sync. (Talk about it after the race)


10-19-2005, 12:42 PM
:D good one's. I am trying to find the article I read in Bicycle Magazine.:cool: Haven't found it yet. I liked it because it not only applied to racing but riding with a group in a paceline. I am sure it is all about the same just different lingo.:p