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    I'll be visiting New Orleans in a couple of months and would love to try out some cajun spinning. Anyone know of any good clubs out there? I found classes at Elmwood Fitness Center and at Salvation Studios, has anyone heard anything about either of them? They say they are Spinning classes but mention nothing about JG
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    Elmwood is a Spinning club. They have a ton of classes too. What part of the city will you be staying? Elmwood has a very nice facility. Be sure to enjoy the food too!

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    Default New Orleans Spin

    I am an instructor at Elmwood Fitness Center. We have three locations: in Harahan (close to the airport); Heritage (on Veterans Hwy near 1-10); and downtown in One Shell Square at the intersection of Poydras and Carondelet. All of the instructors are Johnny G certified. The Harahan location is huge; our spinning studio has 37 bikes, while Heritage has 20 or so and Downtown has 17. It all depends on where you're staying. Have fun. Sue

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