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    I turn 50 this weekend so to celebrate I rode a Century last Sun!!! How sweet it is!!!!!!

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    I turn 50 this weekend so to celebrate I rode a Century last Sun!!! How sweet it is!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday and Congratulations! I'd say that's pretty sweet!

    Now where's the cake!?

    "All you touch and all you see is what your life will ever be." ~Pink Floyd~

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    Happy Birthday! And WTG. I bet you kicked some 20-yr old booty!!!! BTW 50 is the new 30.

    "Just because I am a girl, don't mean that I can't play just as hard and just as fast as you boys."

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    The cake is gone-Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake
    Yes I did kick some younger booty-lost one on a bridge over a bayou.
    Saw her later at a rest stop catching the rolling rest stop. Oddly enough after the 80 mile turnaround we didn't see much traffic. I'm guessing not a lot of people signed up for the century.

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    Default Fab forty and fifty plus!

    I had barely got used to the idea of turning 40, and last month I turned 41...

    I know so many wonderful, active, happy, fit and fabulous women--and men--in their 50's and beyond that I am only looking forward to improving with age! This includes my beloved father, who at age 64 runs 10Ks, goes to the gym daily, and started surfing at age 57. He is truly my role model, and my kids don't know any other friends who have a granddad that is so active and fit. I really feel blessed and look forward to having him (and my mom, also an avid exerciser) around for a long time.

    Rock on, and ride on, all my (slightly) older peers! (that being said, I am fighting against chronic lower back pain, as you can see from another thread here...but I'm not ready to hang it up just yet!)


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