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    Default Personalized License Place

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for some suggestions. I'd like to get a Personalized License Plate for my car. Some of the ones I've come up with that have not been taken yet are:


    Some of the usual ones that you might think of have been taken such as:
    (Here in California we can have hearts, stars, plus signs or a hand print included in the plate):

    I (heart) SPIN
    (heart) 2 SPIN
    (star) 2 SPIN

    You are all so creative. What can you come up with?

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    BarbJ Guest

    Default Lov2spin

    This is mine, I got it for my 40th b-day!! It's amazing how often people ask me "what does that mean" Or "I love spinning too!!.

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    Hi Barb,

    LOV2SPN isn't taken here. Can I borrow? I haven't made my final decision, but I like that one.

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    BarbJ Guest


    By all means, go for it!!!

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    Mine just says SPIN, I need to get a new state license plate since I've recently moved and I hope I can keep SPIN in this new state, we'll see!
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