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    Default Toes Falling Asleep


    Every so often my toes (especially left foot) will fall asleep while IDC. It usually happens halfway into the class. I tried moving the SPD and repositioning my shoe but nothing seems to help. The straps on my shoes are pretty loose so the circulation is not constricted.

    However, if I slow down and starting moving my toes the circulation returns for a while until I speed up again.

    Does anyone have an idea why this is happening and a remedy ??

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    Lizardbiker Guest

    Default numb toes

    It doesn't happen while spinning, but on a long bike ride if I feel numbness or a hot spot, I'll pedal just on the upstroke to relieve pressure on the foot and wiggle the toes, like you're doing. I've also changed shoes for my road bike (SIDI Genius), which helped a great deal. Perhaps it could be a combination of shoe and too much pressure on the downstroke? A good set of shoe inserts would also help - a good sporting good shop would have something that could really help.

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    1. I always set my clip off the ball of the foot. never in the center on the bone.
    2. I usually buy my cycling shoes a half size large to allow my toes to fully extend.
    3. I always wear an orthodic for additional arch support.
    4. I wear a thinner sock in a microfibre fabric.
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    SpinTA- I am also one of those that get numb toes like they fall asleep. I recently bought some spinning shoes. It did help some but I still had a little numbness last time. But the shoes made a huge difference in the amount of numbness I was having. I am working on my form and learning to pull on my up strokes and hopefully that will take care of the rest of the numbness.

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    Default Reason for Numb Toes ?

    Thanks for all your replies !

    Why should the toes start getting numb if the circulation is not impaired in anyway (none that I can think of or feel)? One reason that was mentioned was placing too much pressure on the down stroke. However, if I am doing hills and exerting lots of pressure in the down stroke in order to turn the pedals if seems that there is not much that can be done ?

    I tried the other day on the up stroke to pull with a greater force than usual and wiggle my toes. It helped a little but is very distracting to my cadence.

    Any ideas ?

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    Have you been riding in a seated position for an extended time when it goes numb? I have been told there is a nerve that runs basically from your hip to your feet, when you sit tooo long it causes your foot to go numb. And then a reach would be a spinal misalignment. I use a chiropractor for a profalactic (sp) for all the activities that I do, skiing, Group Power, kids and life in general. But I will say Chiropractics are not for everyone.

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    Default Numb Toes

    Hi Spinmomma,

    Yes it usually happens after an extended time in the saddle. It may be a pinched nerve or just sitting too long.
    I'm not sure about going to the chiropractor at this stage or just ride standing up for a while until the numbness goes away.

    Thanks !

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