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    I've been teaching 3 to 4 classes a week for the past year. Before that I did indoor cycling for about 4 years, and thought, what the heck. I took my AFAA Group Exercise certification during an Apex weekend in Detroit last year with about 60 people who looked half my age. I wondered what in the hell I thought I was doing, but when I passed, then was hired as a sub then a regular instructor it was quite a rush. I've taken the AFAA indoor cycling workshop and also an "in gym" certification. I taught a class on my 57th birthday and brought presents for everyone in my class (water bottles).

    Well, I guess I'm gushing. I love my classes, my students, and my gym and its managers for giving me the encouragement to follow through.

    And then I found and found a wonderful resource. Thanks to all of you!

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    Welcome, Libsterspinner, glad you found our little corner of cyberspace. I'm also on the right side of the big 50 and am in better condition today than I was 20 years ago. Yay us!
    “euphoric fitness – a state where every fiber of your being is awake, aware, alive but within it all, you find calm."

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    Welcome. So glad you found us. Hope you post often. - Joy

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    Thanks for your kind words. Now, how do you get those great graphics by your names?

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    Are you coming to the Detroit AFAA APEX this year???????????
    I'll be there on Saturday for kickboxing certification. I live about 2 hours west of the conference.

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    I won't be there this year. I was going to go for the cycling workshop but took it in May. Have you been to that venue before?

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    I have a Primary Group Cert through AFAA, and I took it locally. First I'm doing my kickboxing in Sept, and then Mat Pilates in October at Western Univ. That should cover my CEU for awhile!

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