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Thread: New Here--sort of

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    Default New Here--sort of

    Finally got sick of not being able to open attachments --here goes first of my initial 10 posts...

    I have been Spinning for a couple of years and got JG certified last month. This forum is great because most of the instructors at my gym share music and pretty much teach the same class. My main goal as an instructor is to do a class that is a little different....I can't be the only one that is sick of the same class every day of the week.

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    MattF Guest


    Hi there!

    Glad you decided to pop out of the crowd and say hello I hope you'll stick around for more than 10 posts though

    I agree with what your saying and I think its great your trying to take your classes out of the box.

    See ya around and welcome to the gang, officially


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    Welcome to the pedal-on community (officially). I too can't stand to ride to the same music over and over - especially when the instructor sings into the mic and you can't get that voice out of your head whenever you hear the song on the radio. I change my music for every location I teach and I very rarely reuse a ride unless I am subbing a class. Keep posting until you can see the attachments! - Joy

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    Default thnx

    This morning's class (as a participant) I could recognize the CD as one of the other instuctor's animal theme CD's ---maybee I just go to too many classes.

    Aside from enjoying spinning I am OC about my music (not a musician but enjoy good and differnt music)

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    MattF Guest


    Forgot to add to my last post, since your a music buff, If you look in our Music section of Pedal-on, I'm sure you'll find tons of cool songs to revamp some of your current playlists or just to make new ones


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    topdoll Guest



    I agree that sometimes the same music over and over can become boring. However, I will use the same ride more than one time. I start with my Monday morning, again at a different club Monday night, maybe again on Tuesday night, use it again early AM Wednesday morning. Not always but many times. As long as the riders are different, I figure they have ridden it only once. And I have at least a dozen or so rides that are among my favorites that have grown and become wonderful rides. It was like when they were built they were born, then the profile grew up, as it did so it became wiser and more mature. At times the ride is better able to manipulate the rider. The more times you teach it the better your cueing gets. That is one of the nice things about teaching at different clubs.

    Then, there are those rides that I built the first year I was teaching..... I don't think I have used many of those after the first year of teaching.

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    This is a great forum for learning and growing. I too just popped out of the woodwork and have already picked up some great tips just by reading past posts. I agree with Matt; the music and profile threads are great resources.

    Just a note of caution about changing the class routine... take it slow and introduce different things slowly so you don't shock your students out of their comfort zone. Add the things you want to do slowly and you will get a better response from your students. They will enjoy your classes, learn a thing or two, have fun, and not leave thinking "who does she think she is". I tried the all-or-nothing approach (it failed) so I'm slowly introducing my classes to a wide variety of music. Our other instructor only does rides to Top 40-type music. The slow approach works much better with much less resistance.

    Let us know how it goes!

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    Topdoll. Don't get me wrong I reuse my music as you do to a different crowd. And, as far as profiles, I reuse them with different music. The little changes in the ride due to familiarity of the ride lend for better coaching! - Joy

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    Quote Originally Posted by wh8sox
    Aside from enjoying spinning I am OC about my music (not a musician but enjoy good and differnt music)
    Welcome to the forum wh8sox!
    Yipee, a fellow OC instructor (and I don't mean Orange County)!
    You'll fit right in with several of us .
    "If Ida seed youa comin Ida knowed what to do, Ida riz both arms and wove at you" ……….Ernest T Bass


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    Steffiec82 Guest

    Default New also

    Hi, I just recently took an spinning orientation through DCAC and Maddog. I have been taking indoor cycling classes for about 4 years. One instructor inspired me to try my hand at teaching so I am looking for all the ideas I can. I haven't been hired anywhere yet. I have to get some profiles and music together. I also need to take the assessment yet. I am really nervous about teaching that first class!!

  11. Default Welcome!

    'Glad you're here. You will find lots of good suggestions for music and profiles from all of the posts. You're right about making your class "unique". I like to change my profile, music, and music genre for each class too. Around my club, each instructor's class is different from the next. That makes it more interesting for everyone...

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