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Thread: Any Swimmers ?

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    CancunCArol Guest

    Question Any Swimmers ?

    I am training for a long distance swim in the Ocean 9K anybody done anything similar? and if so any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    natty157 Guest


    Sorry, I am not a swimmer

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    Smile Sounds like fun to me!

    What kind of swimming background do you have? What kind of distance are you doing for training? Where are you training? Have you done any ocean swimming?

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    Exclamation Carol

    Hey where have you been? are you lurkin??? Anybody else miss this great coach and friend??? Calling out Carol here

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    Default Don't do it!

    Is my initial response, but since it is a huge challenge, and all in a good cause, go for it.
    I would advise maybe finding yourself a triathlete club, that will have some of those unbalanced beings who think Ironman is a good idea & fun to do.
    They will do ocean swims, they will do ocean swims of distance...maybe not that far but you never know. Tell them what you are up to & why & my guess is you will have a good few training buddies quite quickly, next stop Honolulu...or not.
    Good luck anyway.
    Keep paddling.

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    Oh I forgot...Trifuel has a great forum, similar to this..only not as good of course, worth checking out for clubs, training partners if you join & post.

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    PT biker Guest

    Talking Triathlon Chick

    Hi - I'm training for my first triathlon in the Spring. You HAVE to go to it is the best thing since sliced bread. I bought the book and swimming drill cards. I probably would have got the DVD too, but didn't at the time. He has a great way to teach you to swim. It's different that the typical "just muscle though it" attitude I was taught. In my opinion it is a must have if you are doing any long distance swimming. On a side note, check out Chi Running for similar info on running. Both of these rely on your core instead of your smaller arm/leg muscles to do the work. These two concepts will totally BLOW your mind.

    P.S. I'm not related to either one of these guys, I haven't even met them, but I can't say enough good stuff about it.

    I'm going swimming tonight and can't wait!


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