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Thread: Best Stationary bikes out there? How about the Spinner Blades?

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    Default Best Stationary bikes out there? How about the Spinner Blades?

    Checking in with instructors who are teaching on the new Spinner Blades.....considering different bikes for upgrading our NXT's. Your thoughts/comments are appreciated!

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    Default We have the new Spinner Blades

    We have the new Spinner Blades. They are much more durable. Paint is powder coated, bottom bracket and pedals have a "Morris taper". Both pedals and crank arms are bolden together. Q angle is much narrower in line with a standard road bike and the fly wheel is 5 lb lighter than the old NXT. Most of our members love the Blade. But there are some that prefer the old NXT. Some people are just resistant to change. I feel that the Blade quality is much better and will be well worth the money spent on it. The handle bars adjust fore and aft. In fact, the entire adjustability is better.
    Startrac will have a Blade w/power meter coming out in the near future. It will be on display at WSSC 2012. That would be the only improvement to make this bike the best on the market. I know there are bikes out there with power meters but this meter is much more accurate. As our resident bike mechanic, I can give you much more info on the blade. Let me know if you need more. Didn't want t over load you. I have been teaching Spin classes since 1994. I have ridden most all the indoor bikes. You will not be disappointed with this one!
    Good luck on your decision.
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    What will make the Spinner Blade power measurement "much more accurate" than other power meters? At this point, I think the nod goes to FreeMotion for most realistic power data. Will the new blade have measured or estimated power?

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    We have the Blade at Charleston Ride in SC. It is gorgeous, and durable, and so user friendly. What bcat said above, of course, is all true. What I find the best is that it is so much easier to set up riders on it! You have options that allow a user to choose between a couple of settings -- all of which are "safe" -- but they can allow comfort into the equation. It is brilliant.

    Josh Taylor has more Blade love on his blog:
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