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Thread: IDC Certification - Which is best?

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    Default IDC Certification - Which is best?

    New to the forum and wondering what is considered the best IDC certification program? Is it Schwinn or Madd Dogg or another


    Tony D.
    Budding IDC Instructor

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    Do your due diligence.
    check out

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    I grow less and less impressed with MDA after I gain more and more experience. They don't update anything. Their CECs are stale, old. Cycleops or Keiser would be the avenue I would investigate.

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    The "best certification" for you starting out is probably the one that will get you hired.... Talk to folks at facilities you're interested in teaching at and see what certs they look for. While I agree that there are certs that may actually be better on a technical level, your primary cert may need to be with one of the big names, like Spinning or Schwinn, particularly if you're looking at teaching in a larger club or gym where indoor cycling is just one of many options offered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsnowash View Post
    The "best certification" for you starting out is probably the one that will get you hired....
    +1 to this.

    My cert is thru MDA. The Spinning name is pretty commonly recognized.

    You can do a lot of self-education besides your formal cert. PO is a nice resource.

    Good Luck!

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    I was Madd Dogg certified for 9 years and recently switched to Schwinn. Schwinn seems to have much better continuing education. I really like the "watts" that is taught by Schwinn. People seem to understand this concept. Of course the cycle has to have the computer hooked up with that feedback...

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    Hello All;

    Just wanted to take a moment to follow up on this thread I started. I took the Schwinn Certification Course at the Empower Conference this past week and was Very Impressed with the course session and would Highly recommend the course to anyone considering certification. The course instructors Julz Arney and Shannon Fable were EXCELLENT! They know their stuff and did a great job with teaching the course information in a matter this was Interesting, Entertaining and Actionable immediately and OH YES they gave us to Fantastic rides! There was no overt marketing of Schwinn products and the information gained is applicable to the industry as a whole not matter what product you teach on. I must say that the AC Pro bikes with magnetic resistance and the M Power Console are excellent bikes! The ability to use Watts and a measure of effort is the way to go!

    Tony D.

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    Good for you. Any teaching opportunities yet?

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    good question I really want to get certified so i can teach


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