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  1. NEW RELEASE - Epic Red Wing with John and Amy Macgowan of

    The Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, and the neighboring Wisconsin countryside is nationally known for its cycling-friendliness. Now, you can take a virtual tandem training ride on a popular route in this area with John and Amy Macgowan and friends, of the internationally renowned Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast and Indoor Cycle Instructor Pro Website. You can purchase this DVD here.

    Take a 50-mile ride ...
  2. Introducing epicRIDES - a Unique New Way for Instructors to Motivate Classes

    We are excited to become one of Pedal-On's Industry Specialists! As a way of getting started, we thought we'd make a general post describing what we are passionate about - producing Virtual Cycling DVDs and Downloads that are specifically designed to enhance and complement Spinning® and Indoor Cycling classes.

    Did you know that Spinning® and Indoor Cycling Instructors all over the U.S., Canada and around the world are now using epicRIDES virtual ride training videos to motivate and