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02-18-2005, 11:23 AM
I need some pointers on holding a charity ride. If you have been involved with one...please give me the specs on how to put one on, etc.

I think they are a great idea. Once I get all of the info, then I will have to sell it to my boss..etc.

Thanks in advance for your help !


02-18-2005, 01:51 PM
I'm doing one in March, my first. I found some good advice on another forum, here is the post:

Usually the charity you are raising funds for (American Cancer Society, MS, Breast cancer, etc.) is the main thing you promote. It's usually an extended time ride of 2 hours or more and could go as long as 6 or 8 hours. You charge the riders a fee for the time on the bike. Sometimes 1 rider does the whole time, sometimes it's shared. The rider then is supposed to raise funds by soliciting friends, family, or co-workers for pledges to support their participation. More bikes should = more riders which should = more funds.

You should establish a minimum amount you expect each rider to raise. You should offer prizes for raising the most amounts of money. You should get some merchants to offer donate door prizes and sell them as raffles.

The ride is promoted with signing in the club itself, local press coverage, some charitable websites will announce it and lots of word of mouth. The charity you are working for should also help.

You will need:

Another instructor to help if you are going more than 2 hours.
Volunteers to refill water bottles and energy bars if going more than 90 minutes.
Gifts for the participants as thank you presents.
Receipts from the charity for people to claim as tax deductions.