View Full Version : 3 Flicks - Perfume, Dreamgirls, and Rocky Balboa

01-08-2007, 01:12 PM
Getting back from Europe sent us out to catch up on some films released here earlier:

Perfume - We saw this this one in London (BTW - $50.00 to see it). This is one of the most original story lines you will ever see. It's set in 17th Century France and it's beautifully photographed. You're going to either love or hate the ending. I thought it was original and interesting. I recommend seeing this.

Dreamgirls - Someone will have to explain to me how Jennifer Hudson finished third when she was on American Idol. What a set of pipes!! Really a most entertaining musical. Beyonce is talented, classy and gorgeous, as usual. Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy are very professional and convincing. Go see it if you like a movie musical. It's a great ride.

Rocky Balboa - Well...I am a huge Rocky fan (Stallone and I share 7/6 as a birthday) and I was really looking forward to seeing this. I can't figure what I was expecting. Rocky is a 60 year old guy stepping in the ring to fight the current heavywheight champion. Okay...right. Well this 60 year old guy better be in unbelievable shape. So you wait a while to see if there will be anything legit about the premise and after a while the fight gets set. Then comes the obligatory Rocky working-out segment with the music. And you look at you see that Stallone just looks like any 60 year old guy at the gym who's been working out a lot.Looks good for a middle aged guy. I tell my wife, I look okay also, but I won't be calling out Mike Tyson this week.

Hokey movie...better than Rocky 5, but a weak final effort to squeeze the last nickel out of the character.