View Full Version : Have to Laugh!!!

05-28-2004, 08:10 PM
Just have to share this one!!!! In addition to teaching Spin, I also teach
BodyPump, Cardio Kickboxing and a core condtioning class. I just got back from teaching. Tonight it was Core conditioning with Cardio Kick right after. I always use my HRT in cardio Kick but not in core. So anyway, the core class was ending and the kickboxing people were filling into class, as always I make small talk while I change the CD's and put on my transmitter for my HRT.

Well, tonight, I somehow got the strap to my transmitter wrapped up in the cord to my headset. So long story short, I knew something was not quite right. Every punch I threw my top was being pull up and the headset yanked from my mouth. About 15 to 20 minutes into Kickboxing I finally figured out what the issue was. I can only imagine what all my members where seeing and thinking!!!! I'm hoping that they did not see too much of me!!!!!

I hope you all enjoy my little "boy was my face red" story.

Enjoy your holiday, and my thoughts and prayers are with all the families who have lost a loved one in the name of our FREEDOM.