View Full Version : Looking for a Studio that has bikes with Power & a projector & screen in Boston

06-24-2012, 09:05 PM
Tom Scotto & I will be conducting Premiere showings of Global Ride Production's latest set of Virtual Cycling DVDs from Spain & Hawaii. We will be recording the audio of those premiere events and including it on the final version of each DVD as an audio option. The club or studio participating in these events will also have their picture on the cover of the DVD packaging. However, we need sites that have POWER read-outs on the bikes, and a projector and screen already installed. However, we can help those who want to get a projector & screen if they don't have one yet.

If you teach at a club with power bikes, and whom have the screen and projector already, please leave me a message here if you are interested in being one of our Host sites. We especially are looking for at least 1 site in Boston.


Gene (Gino) Nacey