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11-20-2005, 05:48 PM
Hey ...need some advice. Has anyone started taking omega 3's? I started taking a gel tablet and I have noticed I feel sick to my stomach. No matter what I eat, I still feel sick.:cool: So I bought some Flax seed to sprinkle on my food. NOW....I am confused about this whole Omega 3 thing. My flax seed say's it has Omega 3's in it? How much omega 3's do we need and is what I get in my ground flax seed the same as my gel tablet? It is all so confusing to me:eek: .

11-20-2005, 07:23 PM
Hi Bikerchick,

You may want to consult with a licensed nutritionist or registered dietician with regards to taking Omega 3's. They can probably analyze your dietary intake to determine your current intake of Omega 3 as well as Omega 6 as researchers suggest that there should be a specifc balance or ration between these two essential fatty acids.

What health benefits are you looking to achieve through supplementation? Do you consume fatty fish or other products that may contain Omega 3's? Research does suggest that many of us may be deficient in this area, but a nutritionist/dietician would be someone whom you should consult with - NOT people who work in health food stores - nothing against them but if they don't have the educational background and the right credentials then they shouldn't be giving you advice. Their job is to sell you products! I know that I wouldn't want to take a cycling class from someone who didn't have the proper educational training or certifications to teach.

It is my understanding that Flaxseed does not provide the same level (type)of Omega 3's as does a capsule. Flaxseed contains short chain Omega 3's and it is supposedly not as efficient as the long chained ones found in fatty fish. Supposedly you have to consume upwards of 10 times the amount to have the same effect of long chained Omega 3's.

Anyway - hope this answers some of your questions - but as I always do when something is outside my area of expertise, certification, licensing etc. - I always refer to those whom are best suited to inform.

Maybe we have some nutritionists on this site that can provide you with info:)

Best wishes,


11-21-2005, 07:21 PM
This sounds like a dumb question, but how do I get in touch with a Nutritionist? Do I just look in the phone book? I was thought having a nut. was kinda for the rich.:eek: I don't make much money.

11-23-2005, 09:44 AM
You might try doing some research first on Dr. Weil's site, he has a lot of info on Omega 3-6-9, primrose oil, flaxseed, etc. as well as the forms they take, how to use them, dosage recommendations etc. He explains the diff betwen the GLA, CLA oils etc.

I take a 3-6-9 and a primrose oil (linseed) along with a multivit daily and it works well, I also find the oils do well for my skin (I take them internally, don't put them on the skin). One of the advantages of the 3-6-9 and primrose is extra help for joints, etc. Experts do say if you eat fish at least 3x a week, there is question as to whether you need to take an extra 3-6-9 but I tend to eat fish a little less than that. Now I ALWAYS take my vits with food for 2 reasons: 1.) nausea (sensitive tummy to that stuff, esp minerals in a multi vitamin) and 2.) some vits and oils can not be absorbed by the body properly in absence of digesting some fat. Dinner is a good time for me to take them...additionally sometimes if you just have very lite nausea, it may dissipate later once you are asleep (ok, I usu eat a little late around 8p or 9p!) Dr. Weil also explains under what combos of food you should take certain vitamins as well.

Dr. Weil's site is drweil.com and you can search on those supplements to find more articles and info.

If I were looking for a nutritionist I would start with my doctor/GP and ask for references -- most all med centers have one, and see if there are any with sports/fitness specialties. Other option is a more specialized fitness center that offers services of sports docs and nutritionists as obviously they have a focus on eating for health and fitness optimization, and can also likely address specifics to certain sports. Additionally if you are looking re: sports nutrition, www.trisports.com (http://www.trisports.com) has a couple of books, and Joe Friel (the king of cycling and triathlon training!) has his cyclists and triathlete's bible that has sections on nutrition. I'd probably advise agst just opening a phone book....try and find someone who really understands eating needs for athletes such as yourself.

Good luck!